“Real world applicability.”

“Do it despite your doubts.  It’s awesome, inspirational and I loved the ideas!”

Trey Hammond, PT, Ocala, Florida

“The high relevance and applicability of the information; the knowledge, example and approachability of the instructor made this worth it.”

“Even for seasoned private practitioners, this course will revolutionize the way you practice and empower you as a clinician and a business owner.”

 Dr. Susan Sahler, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA (30 years practicing)
Martinez, GA

“I really liked the section on ‘Picture of a Perfect Practice’.”

“Take it.  It will be your best business investment.  Do not make the MISTAKE of not taking this class!”

Laura Coppee, PT
Private Practice 6 years

 “Real information that’s usable, not just ideas.”

“Just do it.” “I paid thousands to Survival Strategies and have nothing but questions and confusion to show for it.  Not anymore–I feel now like I have a concrete place to start and go for advice and will actually get it!”

Sharmila Quenimmitter, SLP 5 yrs
Los Angeles, CA

“Breakdown of different payer source options. “Provided a step-by-step system for developing an organization.”

“Valuable information. Well worth the price!” I encourage people in my profession,OT’s, to also take this course and begin applying James’ principles in our profession.”

Marc Dy, OT 5 years
private practice 2 years
Nashville, TN

“A lot of useful information.  Very dynamic!”

“It is a must for every private practice owner if you want to be successful.”

Alina Fish, PT 20 yrs
Owner 2 yrs
Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I liked best the tools that we were given to take home and apply immediately.”

“It’s worth it.  You will learn so much.  Don’t even think about considering any other courses.”

Rene Summerville, PT 11 yrs.
Owner 8 yrs
Westmont, IN

“James is very sharp on all aspects of our profession. He has great energy and I very much respect all he has done. His insight and understanding of people and how they react to psychology is exceptional.”

“If you are considering private practice you MUST take this course early on in your planning.  The info will direct you in a different path then you planned.” “I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is frustrated with our profession and the lack of respect we often receive in our career.  There is hope for our profession getting the respect and pay we deserve if we had more leaders in our field like James Ko.  this course is a necessity if you are considering private practice.”

JB Dudley, PT 10 yrs
Northfield, MN

“James is awesome.  He will amaze you!”

“Take the course.  It will save you money and mistakes.”

Kimber Glick, OT
Private Practice 4 yrs
Visalia, CA

“The revolutionary ideas.”

“Make the decision and do it!” “I appreciate the many innovative ideas. I hope to implement many of them. I really thought the tools you gave us were in valuable. Even after 10 years in private practice, I learned many techniques to improve the profitability of my practice. Thank you. You have given me new hope.”

Dan Swanner, PT 15 yrs
Owner 10 yrs
Ojai, CA

“Very informative.  It will truly help in making decisions in my business.”

“If you are considering opening up your own practice, this is the ONLY class I know that offers this type of information!”

Corina Lainez, PT 12 yrs
Owner 1.5 yrs
Chicago, IL

“It was all new information.  I like things out of the box.”

“You HAVE to take it.”

Doug Lauber, OT 10 yrs
Liberty, SC

“James and Hana were energetic, organized, and very informative.”

“This course would be beneficial for anyone (allied health) considering opening their own practice.””First trip to Chicago…okay””Weekend with my husband…wonderful!””IndeFree course and materials…priceless!”

Brittney Brison, SLP 14 yrs
Collinwood, TN

“The presentation made me feel ‘I can do this’.”

“Please, take it like yesterday!”

Judy Thorpe, PT 5 yrs
Silver Spring, MD

“Excellent information before and already in private practice.”

“Highly recommended.  I’m so glad I attended this course.  We learned the hard way when my husband, a chiropractor, started his practice.  I think I’ll have him attend this course next time.”

Maria Cecilia Samalio, PT 19 yrs
Michigan City, IN


No Penalty Cancellation Policy

Hurry, limited seating!
For REAL ‘hands-on’ training, not presentation hype.

Receive CEU’s for this conference in your state! Ask how.

“I liked the ‘system’ of setting up your clinic to lesson the burden on yourself.  I think this is invaluable.”

“You will kick yourself if you don’t go.  It is the most valuable course/conference you will attend as a clinic owner.””This has been an awesome opportunity.  We are years ahead of where we were in only 4 days.  Your teaching style is engaging and entertaining.  Doug and I will be in touch and look forward to getting together again soon.  If not Hawaii this year, we will see you next.”

David Bright, PT 5 yrs
Seneca, SC

“Course is dynamic and actively engaging.  I really liked the role-playing and forcing of answers to reinforce learning.”

“I recommend it highly.””This course gave me so much information, skills, and guidance.  Mr. Ko, you not only have the knowledge to share but are also willing to share and allow others to grow with your passion.  Thanks.”

Ann McLafferty, OT 12 yrs
Katy, TX

“It opened my eyes to the fact that you are not only starting a PT practice, you are opening up a new business.”

“Do it in a heartbeat.” “It has opened my eyes to the complex and systematic approach to opening a new clinic.  The information provided during the 2-day course has inspired me to think and live differently.”

Joshua Holmes, PT 6 yrs
Rochester, MN

“I loved the energy that James presents with.  He provides tremendous focus on what NEEDS to be done and how to do it well!  I love that he challenges us to bring out our own truth so that we can identify our goals, our desires in business, and also plan our timeframes and deadlines.”

“You NEED to do this course.  It will save you life, not just your business!  James has developed a brilliant system that works.”

Julia Osbourne, PT 14 yrs
Denver, CO

“Very exciting information!  Great tools to take back and implement immediately.  My practice will change.”

“Go as soon as you can so you can start the right way!””I feel like a different therapist leaving this course.  I truly feel this course has changed my future!”

Leslie Winters, PT 10 yrs
Owner 1 yr
Kahoko, MO

“The best part is learning new things and coming out from the box.  I liked the best the revolutionized approaches developed.”

“Definitely you need to go.  It can change you totally and you will break out from what’s conventional.”

Sarah Jean Mapili, PT 9 yrs
Rochester Hills, MI

“Great information and examples on how to do things such as phone conversations, confronting and developing staff, etc.”

“You need to attend.  Worthy investment”

Ben Garvin, Administrator
Troy, MI

“Breaking the norm/fundamentals.”

“It’s so worth the money and time to come here.  Anyone considering starting their own practice should attend this course first.  It’s a MUST!” “I recommend this course to all my colleagues.”

Mary Grace Legaspi, PT 5 yrs
Palmdale, CA

“What I liked best is that the topics were broken down from complex to simple and understandable pieces.”

“If you think you are smart, then you have to attend IndeFree seminar first before spending a single penny or engaging in a private practice or outpatient therapy. Remember, mistakes can be avoided if you have the right resources.”

Brigido Mapili, PT, MAEd 10 yrs
Troy, MI

“I liked best the practicality of the topics.  They are applicable in different business settings and life situations.”

“It is a MUST.”

Cristina Tan, PT 16 yrs
Pharr, TX

“Nothing is held back.  Very transparent.”

“Absolutely a must to address the paradigm shift to success.” “This course will be the reason I get on the path to independence and freedom!”

Scott Kobziewiez, PT 16 yrs
Owego, NY

“Clear and precise topics.  Exactly what i was looking for.”

“Highly recommended.”

Monina Bosita, PT 15 yrs
Westaco, TX

“The letters and templates are invaluable.”

“It would be a MISTAKE not to take this course.” “James speaks from the heart.  You know how in those seminars you have to pay extra for each additional information…James is thorough. He leaves no stone unturned.  He covers everything you need to know about succeeding in private practice from A to Z.”

Laura C., PT
(in private practice 3 years)
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The way James tied the good, bad, and the ugly from real life experience and implied comparisons made sense to me and is what I liked most.”

“If you already have a clinic and you have front desk employee(s), BRING them…it will be a solid investment.”

Tim Burnell, PT
(in private practice 3 years)
Sarasota, FL

“I loved all the forms provided on the CD as well as receiving some great marketing and advertising techniques!”

“If you are going into private practice – you have to take this course.””Dear IndeFree, Great job!”

Mitchell T. Maione, DPT, OCS, MTC
Forked River, NJ

“The unique information presented with regards to advertising and clinical practice has resulted in a paradigm shift for me.” “James, I am impressed and inspired by your unique approach to all aspects of business without sacrificing your moral and ethical principles.”

“You will learn techniques and ideas that are not widely embraced by our profession.”

Brian Brockett, PT
Las Vegas, NV

“It taught me not to be afraid to ask for money.” “James, thank you.  Your approach is certainly new to me.  I am unfamiliar with business, really.  I wish I had taken this course before I opened, but nevertheless, believe I can and will implement many of the IF systems. I will keep you posted.  I look forward to using the tools you have provided. Thank you again.”

“A very good beginning for paradigm shift &practical necessary approach to delivery of health care in the future.”

Gary Franks, PT
3 years in Private Practice
Spokane, WA

“The high relevance and applicability of the information; the knowledge, example and approachability of the instructor made this worth it.”

“Even for seasoned private practitioners, this course will revolutionize the way you practice and empower you as a clinician and a business owner.”

Dr. Susan Sahler, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA (30 years practicing)
Martinez, GA

“This is Great Guidance and line of thought to start a practice.” “I loved the course!”

“It is great, you must take this if you need ideas to increase productivity and money.”

Alicia Perez, PT
Alameda, CA

“This gives gentle guidance through topics by having an open dialog with students.”

“If you are considering opening a clinic this will help you!”

Danny Beeman, PT
Seattle, WA

“It gives you a well structured A – Z plan.”

“Go to this class. It will save you stress and money.”

Victoria R Mangasep, PT
Moreno Valley, CA

“The honest and easy way of explaining things makes this course great.”

“I loved it, you will learn a lot, it’s worth it.”

Erica Francisw, PT
Reseda, CA

“It is a good source of information, best for starters.”

“I highly recommend it!”

Edwin Mangasep, PT
Moreno Valley, CA

“Learn a different outlook/approach offered that no one else offers. James offers a plan that makes sense and is easy to implement.”

“If you are considering opening a practice, you must take this course because it is beyond what you may expect.”

Casey Burtolo, PT
Las Vegas, NV

“I gained a lot of knowledge about marketing.”

“It was made so simple, and understandable for everybody.”

Marissa Mangasep, PT
Moreno Valley, CA

“It was awesome.”

“No questions about it… This is a must attend course. You have to go.”

Will Aldous, PT
Filbert, AZ

“James helped us to bring focus to our business goals. I have found his information invaluable.”

“I would recommend this course to any healthcare provider going into or already running a private practice.”

Amy Genak, PT

“It was helpful to hear the information again the second time around. I have a much better understanding of how I will define my practice and the steps to make it successful.”

“This is absolutely invaluable. Don’t think twice about taking this course. You will not regret it. It’s absolutely worth it!”

Tonya Daugherty, PT
Redondo Beach, CA

“This is your chance to find new practice ideas and a can do approach.”

“It’s a great investment towards your future.”

Colette Jewell, PT
Visalia, CA

“Lots of great info to create a better practice is given at the course.”

“It’s a paradigm shift.”

Steve Carling, PT
Gilbert, AZ

“I liked everything that was covered in this course.”

“The course is very informative and well organized.”

Maryam Hamidi, PT
Cotode Caza, CA

“This will give you great ideas, great tools to use!”

“Take the course! It will save you money and mistakes.”

Kimberly Glick, PT
Visaua, CA

“Useful information is given through the whole course.”

“If you are considering opening a practice you must take this course.”

Josh Vance, PT
Visalia, CA

“The information I learned is very helpful for me.”

“It is very educational.”

Ferdinano Mangasep, PT
Moreno Valley, CA

“The comprehensive nature of the material is extremely necessary.”

“This course is a major tool in achieving your dream.”

David Love, PT
South Hill, VA

“I got lots of new info and creative ideas in the course. You will learn to think outside the box.”

“Take this course prior to opening a private practice.”

Gil Fox, PT
Aventura, FL

“This is Practical, step by step material.”

“Don’t wait to do it.”

Robbie Ledford, PT
Cleveland, TN

“The course was very rewarding.”

“Invest for the future and attend this course.”

Romeo Domez, PT
Knoxville, TN

“The knowledge is life changing.”

“This is the best decision you’ll ever make.”

Lynne Rodis, PT
Sebring, FL

“All of the information is very beneficial.”

“It is worth the money.”

Aries Bislan-Awa, PT
Sebring, FL

“The high relevance and applicability of the information; the knowledge, example and approachability of the instructor made this worth it.”

“Even for seasoned private practitioners, this course will revolutionize the way you practice and empower you as a clinician and a business owner.”

Dr. Susan Sahler, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA (30 years practicing)
Martinez, GA

“It is Inspiring and motivating.”

“This is a must for anyone in private practice.”

Jon Sprenger and Cindy Sprenger, OTR/L
Sarasota, FL

“The information is presented for immediate use. It is inspiring and motivating.”

“Take the course.”

Todd James, PT
Coral Springs, FL

“You are given the tools to startimmediately.”

“It is worth the money.”

Sean McCue, PT
Sarasota, Fl

“It is very applicable.”

“Take the course.”

Al Fuentes, PT
Tampa, FL

“I loved the info, examples, sample forms,everything.”

“This is very valuable to improve new and old businesses.”

Amy Owens, PTA
Annapolis, ML

“The instructor was willing to share information, really empowering the students.”

“I highly recommend it.”

Lovena, PT
Melbourne, FL

“It is a practical informative course on the “how to” of private practice startup.”

“Just do it.  It makes the process seem less daunting and more “doable”.  It gives you confidence to get going and provides clarity.”

Dave McKenna, OT, CHT
Cranberry, PL

“This is a step-by-step process. You are given the tools to start immediately and don’t have to develop everything from scratch.”

“It is worth the money.  Learn very easy to understand steps.”

Tim Stockwell, PT (7 years)
Ocala, FL

“This is all of the information you want in one spot.  It is information that I have not seen before that I know will make a big impact.”

“Take it as soon as you can!”

Ana Maria McCue, PT
Sarasota, FL

“James is passionate and believes in what he is doing.  We got tons of great real world information that will help us get our business up and running now.  The Class gave us the motivation to go for it.”

“If your goal is to get a PT practice off the ground, this is the best option to give you a concise and complete approach.”

David Ondrick, PT
Brooklyn, NY

“The resources presented for assistance and the examples provided are great.”

“It’s a MUST for therapists wanting to startup their own business.”

Sam Kabat, PT
Discovery Bay, CA

“This helps you focus on a great big picture.  I learned information I can use tomorrow.”

“It is worthwhile for any physical therapist new at private practice.”

Deborah Friedlander, PT
Mahwah, NJ

“The method of organization of materials and information included in the seminar was great. I felt James’ style allowed for the mostoptimal assimilation of the information presented.  The information presented along with the continued support of IndeFree is unmatched.”

“Take this course and forego all others.”

David Wood, PT

“Excellent information and resources were shared.  Offers of continued support are very welcome.  The permission to use forms, etc. will save me a lot of time.”

“It was very thorough.  This is great for persons serious about independent practice and also for those just considering to see what is involved.”

Kristina Weinkam, OT
Springfield, OH

“This information, vital to succeed in private practice, was given in a simple and usable way.”

“Go to the course.”

Sudhir V. Tawalare, PT
Park Ridge, NJ

“Very informative real world knowledge makes this course wonderful.”

“Don’t think about it.  Just do it.”

Bladdymir Coronel, PT
Bloomingdale, NJ

“The high relevance and applicability of the information; the knowledge, example and approachability of the instructor made this worth it.”

“Even for seasoned private practitioners, this course will revolutionize the way you practice and empower you as a clinician and a business owner.”

Dr. Susan Sahler, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA (30 years practicing)
Martinez, GA

“The presentation and information presented was powerful.”

“I would recommend it. The information is powerful and opened my eyes to the misdirection I was heading before I took this course.”

Shawn Burton, PT 5 years
Aurora, MO

“Good and insightful info about insurance, billing, and software is given at the course along with great examples.”

“Have an open mind. Be ready to look at things differently. I feel it answers questions that other “How to Start Your Own Business” books don’t offer!

DeAnn Burton, OTR 5 years
Aurora, MO

“I gained practical information and tools that will change my entire future.”

“If considering opening your own practice consider this, knowledge = power = success.”

Doug Mazur, PT 11 years
Mequon, WI

“It is very interactive and thought provoking.”

“The course is absolutely necessary!”

Cynthia Murphy, OTR 25 years
Brownsville, TX

“The insurance information is great.”

“Take it, the course will reduce your struggles in private practice, especially regarding reimbursement.”

Susan Arkins Bane, OTR 23 years

“I loved the great philosophy of empowerment of PT’s and the approach that PT’s should reclaim their integrity, and how to do it in detail.”

“I gained very valuable–down to earth, step by step details on how to be independent and successful. Well worth the money.”

Noreen Coyle, RN
New York, NY

“It is Informative. It gave me confidence and lots of resources.”

“Go if you can, it will probably change your life.”

Subrat Bahinipati, PT 14 years
CArterville, IL

“James is a dynamic speaker. The Good information, nice booklets, and small charge for 2nd person come along made it even better.”

“This is inspiring, excellent information that is very empowering.”

Elizabeth Russell, PT 10 years
Forest Park, IL

“The Depth of content is great. Large amounts of tools are provided.”

“The course presented a clear step by step plan with examples of interactions with doctors, patients, and insurance companies I could really relate to!”

Jeannine Dunnell, PT 8 years
Lake Zurich, IL

“This course is very informative. I feel like I was in the dark before I attended this course.”

“Go to this course!”

Al Flores, PT 7 years
Inverness, IL

“All of the information was awesome. It was very empowering. James is a great speaker.”

“This is a terrific course if starting a private practice. It gives you a great foundation to build a practice doing the right things. This course gets you ready and will give you the tools for the insurance battles. I can’t wait to start!”

Derick Russell, PT 8 years
Forest Park, IL

“There is Never a dull moment in the class.”

“It will give you a whole new perspective about private practice and how to run it.”

Andrease Lohmar PT 16 years
Fort Wayne, IN

“The information is very practical. It caused me to think outside the box. It also confirmed the fact that opening a practice is possible and will be successful.”

“It’s great, practical, and motivating!”

Krista Lohmar
Fort Wayne, IN

“I liked the insurance fighting information to reverse denials. The marketing information had great value.”

“This course gives you all the necessary tools to implement a successful private practice in physical therapy.”

Russ Gunter, PT 5 years
Lafayette, LA

“The controversial information that is very informative and invaluable was great.”

“Take it or do not even think about opening a clinic.”

Fred Weiner
Chicago, IL

“This is a very ‘real’ course.  I loved the applicable info, useful knowledge, well organized layout, visual displays, and good humor.”

“Go to the class. It’s worth it!”

Eric Schweitzer, PT 4 years
Tampa, FL

“This is a Great template for success. Covers the important aspects to starting out.”

“Ignorance is expensive. You can’t afford not to take this course.”

Lars Mitchell, PT 5 years
Traverse City, MI

“The class offered Step-by-step information.”

“Take the course!”

Michael Ulmer, PT 5 years
Huntley, IL

“I liked the instructor, presentation, use of handouts, and access to other tools like computer software.”

“Take it, and have no preconceived ideas of what a private practice is and you will learn life saving things.”

Emillie Ulmer, PT 4 years
Huntley, IL

“This is immediately applicable information. James as instructor.”

“The cost is small compared to what you’ll get in return.”

K. Hunter Sahler
Evans, GA

“It taught me about things that I had no ideas about, and gave me tools (solid/concrete) to take my career to the next level.” “Applicable knowledge and skills can be transferred into real life.”

“Take it if you want a better practice that is efficient and effective.””If you have no idea how to do business well in our profession, take it!”

Murray Tanner, PT
Private Practice 8 years
Orange, CA

“Functional, applicable template of knowledge to start and succeed. Very organized, clearly explains billing and coding procedures. Great support materials on the web site!”

“An absolute prerequisite to succeed in private practice. I can’t imagine trying to function in a private practice setting without this valuable template of information as a guide.”

Joe Oberholzer, MPT 6 years
York, PA

“Breakdown of different payer source options.” “Provided a step-by-step system for developing an organization.”

“Valuable information. Well worth the price!” “I encourage people in my profession,OT’s, to also take this course and begin applying James’ principles in our profession.”

Marc Dy, OT 5 years
private practice 2 years
Nashville, TN

“Very practical.””Very appropriate and helpful information.”

“Take it!” “I highly recommend it.”

Flo Dy, PT 16 years
private practice 2 years
Nashville, TN

“Dynamic education style starting with fundamentals progressing to specifics.” “Personalization, knowledge base, and information able to be utilized 100% immediately with high expectation.”

“Highly recommend you attend. Best decision if considering a practice.” “Attend the course even if you are not thinking of starting a private practice. It will help you understand dynamics in today’s rehab world or even establish a knowledge base/desire to start your own practice.”

Scott Strickland, PT 5 years
private practice 1 year
Lake Helen, FL

“All the basic information on start-up and the problems that will be encountered.”

“It provides necessary information you need to consider prior to starting a private practice.””It’s an excellent seminar for those contemplating on starting on their own and undecided as to what type of practice.”

Victor Anton, PT 11 years
Brandonton, FL

“I liked best the practical guidance I received and straight forward easy to understand concepts of opening a PT business.”

“Do it. It can help every PT, we all need the help.  Do it when your thinking about going into private practice, NOT when having trouble with your practice.” “It will save you heartache.”

Lania Garcia, PT 9 years
private practice 1 year
Miami, FL

“Practical step-by-step information. The course is giving me focus.” “The tools (i.e. forms for MD’s, patients, and insurance companies). The course made me feel confident that private practice is doable.”

“Have an open mind.” “Definitely worth the time and money.”

Dorys Porto, PT 5 years
Miami, FL

“Online self study guide.” “This course taught me to value myself.”

“This course is a must before you run a private practice business.” “This course helped me to find the road to success!”

Cheong Kim PT 4 years
Yucaipa, CA

“The small class size enables one-on-one contact with the instructor. The instructor seems to be very concerned about our success and the success of the PT industry.”

“Don’t start a practice without taking this class first.”

Jay Frost
Duluth, MN

“Organization of information. Time for individual questions. Thorough for immediate implementation.”

“The information obtained in this course will change the way you practice and perceive physical therapy in a positive and necessary way.”

Megan Frost, PT 5 years
private practice 5 years
Dell Rapids, SD

“The instructor! James is awesome! I’ve been to a lot of seminars and by far I’ve learned a lot of inputs that we can apply to our practice for the better. Even though we have practiced for 8 years I can apply a lot of new things to make our practice better!”

“It would be a perfect course especially for those who are starting to open a private practice. I just wish that we would’ve taken this course before we started practice. Things would have been easier to apply.”

Jeanette Dy, RN 8 years
Private Practice 8 years
Freeport, NY

“Very practical and useful information that can be applied to ASAP. We have a lot to think about and to put into our practice. Thanks for all the web sites you recommended.”

“Very good investment for the return I expect to see.”

Shannon Lewy, 11 years
private practice 8 years
Baton Rouge, LA

“Practical application of ideas to my practice (all aspects of my class).”

“If you want to improve your idea of running a business and building the proper foundation, this course will do that.”

Danny Lewy, PT 13 years
private practice 8 years
Baton Rouge, LA

“Everything!  James personifies an intellectual successful and dynamic business owner that shows high organization and skill. It makes me hopeful about the type of practice that I may one day have versus the other clinics which are “run of the mill”

“It is a great and helpful course to instill a sense of confidence that I am capable of starting my own practice. I look forward to taking the clinical excellence course.”

Kim Bella, PT 6 years
Warwick, NY

“Practical solutions to common situations.”

“Take it!”

John Dragon, PT 10 years
Douglaston, NY

“Information was useful, ready to be applied. Not hard to follow concepts and ideas.”

“I would say definitely take if you are near going into private practice or beginning years.Very useful, practical solutions.”

Kevin Wong, PT 6 years
Private Practice 1 year
Queens, NY

“The topic about the insurances and HMO’s. The ideas on how to start up a business. About the referrals and reimbursement. The ideas on how to advance revenue. The forms that are easy to apply. They are so detailed, specific and customizable.”

“You will feel the same way I felt about the course. I learned a lot of things here, not just ideas but policies and procedures. Perfect!”

Raquel Ramos
Clifton, NJ

“The information about reimbursement and other hidden laws.”

“Must attend this before starting any practice or even before thinking of starting soon.”

Kishore Kanduri, PT 10 years
Private Practice 2 years


“Good thing I attended this course before starting up my general private practice or I will be lost and be like ordinary general practices.”

Fidel Bernardo, PT 8 years
Private Practice 6 years.
Galloway, NJ

“Presentation of materials: high quality, available for use via CD, logical organization.Good presentation energy. Good use of time…low “fluff”.

“It provides a wealth of information and will help you avoid costly mistakes. It teaches you exactly what to do.”

Jody Berkey
Spotsylvania, VA

“Straight forward practical information to use tomorrow.”

“Very practical, very comprehensive.”

Mke Verdon, PT 19 years
Private Practice 17 years
Washington, NJ

“It is such needed information to make our profession grow. In addition there is so much material and documents that can assist me immediately.”

“Take it. I spent over $30,000 on another practice management seminar and I wish I met James before I made a $30,000 mistake.”

Andrew Bloch, PT 10 years
Private Practice 6 years
Miami Beach, FL

“The advanced revenue lecture – plenty of excellent ideas, forms, guidelines that are definitely helpful. Officership designations. Patient role form – excellent idea!”

“Great course. Excellent ideas. James can share ideas on how to build a strong foundation for your private practice because without this foundation, you will probably fail or not be as successful as you could be.”

Christina Jee, PT 5 years
San Francisco, CA

“How to bid on an HMO contract and team building strategies.”

“Excellent information! I can run a business, build a strong team and make money doing what I love!”

Richard Vicory, PT 6 years
Apopka, FL

“James’ way of teaching. He wasentertaining to say the least…He managed to present a very impressive class. He is friendly and easy to talk to.”

“This is a wonderful class – it would be wrong NOT to take it!”

Shannon Lundeen
Sonora, CA


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