1. How much money does it take to start a practice?
  2. What can I expect to make my first year?
  3. How do I get on insurance plans? Do I need to?
  4. What if I don’t know a lot of doctors?
  5. Can I succeed even though I’m not a good marketer or sales person?
  6. Where do I begin?
  7. Is there a right way to choose a name?
  8. Where is the best location for a private practice?
  9. Should I incorporate?
  10. Do I need a lawyer to help me? How about an accountant?

We will cover these questions at every course. You will have a great advantage when done!

Even more topics:

  1. What permits do I need?
  2. Are there any federal requirements?
  3. How do I write a business plan? Do I need one?
  4. Should I do billing in house or contract it out?
  5. How do I determine a budget?
  6. Where should I spend my money during the startup?
  7. How do you negotiate commercial property leases?
  8. What kind of permits do I need?
  9. How do I set my fees?
  10. Where do I get business cards and referral pads, etc.?
  11. How do I avoid getting “ripped-off”?
  12. Should I advertise? Where? And how much should I spend?
  13. What kind of equipment do I need?
  14. Should I get a partner?
  15. Where can I get the money to start?


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