90 Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Fatty Acids: Become a Super Hero

Running a private practice is like running a marathon. You need to fueled up every day to meet the demands and be your best. These are the items James uses to stay at his best.


  • Community Direct Marketing – JV Letter : Send this to “Influencers” in your area that already have a strong following. You have much to offer and can tap into large groups rapidly. It’s a great way to grow fast!
  • Internal Marketing – Flyer:  Your current active patients are an untapped source of more clients. If you don’t have anything in writing that instructs them to “spread the word”, they won’t. Get this going asap!
  • Workshop System:  Everything you need to conduct workshops for greater growth.


  • Activation Script:  Surefire way to convert more callers into real live patients. Train your staff.
  • Important Policies Sign:  If it’s not written, it doesn’t exist. This is a very important tool to reduce NS, late CX’s, and more.
  • Package Discounts Poster:  This is super important if you want to retain those with high deductibles and co-pays. It’s a popular option for many clients.
  • Payment Plan Form:  This poster helps send the message to clients that you are affordable. Increases your chances of WOM-Family/Friend referrals


  • Concern Letter:  Send this letter to insurances that repeatedly play games with you. It’s the only thing that works.
  • Renegotiation Letter Template:  Send this to all insurances you are contracted with. “If you don’t ask, you never get.”
  • Appeal Letters:  The days of wasting your time on the phone are GONE. If you don’t use these appeal letters, you will never get “shortlisted”.


  • Free Screening Form:  Fast and easy way to handle Free-Screen and Discover Visit clients. Stay legal, compliant, yet don’t waste time. Watch the video below.


  • Disciplinary Form:  This is one of the most important tools for your business. Building a strong team cannot be done without accountability, consequences, and discipline. This form makes it easy.
  • Recruitment Ad for PT, Admin Asst, more (just customize for each position):  It’s a new day when it comes to recruiting. The old ways do not work. People want to “believe” in what they do and work for a company that has a mission and purpose. Your ad has to communicate that or it will not draw. Here’s a template that has proven well with any position James recruits for.


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