4 key pillars differentiate a truly successful practice from ones merely getting by. Attracting new patients is a start but it doesn’t end there (not by a long shot). To ensure success without wasting time, without roller coaster numbers, you must do better. Start implementing proven strategies and systems by top practices from  real practice owners. Automate and enjoy a strong foundation.


  1. Drive Massive Traffic to Your Practice (Not just “attract”)
  2. Capture All of Them
  3. Keep Them for Life
  4. Multiply Each and Every One of Them!

Of course Billing, Collections, Clinical and Employee dimensions are important too, and we cover that as well. They integrate into the 3 pillars actually. But the real truth of the matter is…get these 3 pillars down pat and the rest comes easily. Out of the four pillars, the easiest is the first one. And to have a truly successful practice, one that leads to independence and freedom, you must become GREAT at the last three.

Way too many practices try getting new patients via time-consuming door-to-door sales or costly advertisements. This way worked 20 years ago but not anymore. Some are attempting online, social media, and Google promotions but the results are mediocre at best.

The precious few that might be converted will come in and they either… 1) fall through the cracks, 2) leave and try other options, 3) or complete their program NEVER to return again. Some practices have a handful of returning patients but not at the level required for stability and long-term success.

Creating disposable patients is the fastest way to extreme uncertainty and roller-coaster numbers. Your practice can become a nightmare holding you hostage. Never letting you go. No vacations. No life. Or you can have a practice that becomes a vehicle that leads to independence and freedom. Leading to enjoyment, financial independence, no worry of where your next patient will come from, and the freedom to treat your way. Not being governed by insurances and physicians. This requires a strong foundation with proven systems in place, and automation of the three pillars mentioned.

Each of the three parts includes a financial aspect. You must get paid well. Commanding what you are worth (no one is simply going to give it to you). You must have efficiency. And enjoy profit. Or you won’t be around very long.

There are a lot of gimmicky consultants and get rich quick promises out there. And you may experience a jump in volume temporarily but it doesn’t last and typically doesn’t equate to actual profit. Increasing load on an already weak foundation can cause more anxiety and stress. Often leading to more burdens requiring layoffs and cut-backs after the “high” wears off. Some never recover.

Only those who have done it before, with strong foundations, can lead you to that kind of success. Real life true experience and triumph. We will show you the secrets, strategies, and systems of the top practices in the country (not just tips and tricks). You are brothers and sisters. And our mission is to empower one another.