Business Strategies for Physical Therapy Private Practice Success

This business conference is for physical and occupational therapists who want to start their own practices or existing owners wanting to grow. It’s especially for physical therapy private practice owners but nearly all information applies to occupational therapists as well.

There are many hurdles and obstacles to success in a healthcare business.

And much of the skills are not readily taught in school. In order to manage a PT or OT practice well, one has to acquire skills that they might not be used to developing.

If you are serious about success, register now! Hurry, limited seating.

Take it. This will be your best business investment. Do not make the mistake of missing this conference.” -Laura Coppee, PT in FL

Here are a list of instructors, all of whom have a physical therapy private practice of their own.

One of the main instructors is James Ko, PT/CEO/Founder. Over 17 years in private practice. World renowned instructor in private practice. Missionary to S. America, Thailand, and S. Korea. Black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. Founder of national therapy franchise.

Weldon Russo, OT, Owner/Occupational Therapist, of Fort Worth Physical Therapy in Fort Worth TXWeldon Russo is an inspiring therapist who built a multi-million dollar practice in just 2 short years with his partner Luke Mckenzie, a PT.  Their practice in Fort Worth Texas, with over 30 employees, serves as an example for other facilities to follow.  Their reputation and success is second to none.

Tim Burnell, PT, Owner/Physical Therapist, Back In Motion PT in Sarasota FloridaTim Burnell is a talented and highly successful therapist who runs a million dollar practice in beautiful Sarasota Florida with his beautiful wife Monique.  With the arrival of their first newborn, automation is more important than ever.

Jeff Hohman, CEO of Hohman Rehab in Clermont and Ocoee Florida. Jeff and his wife Katie co-own their practice together and work strongly together to grow their practice in Florida.

Katie Hohman, PT, Co-Owner/Physical Therapist of Hohman Rehab in Ocoee and Clermont Florida. Katie and Jeff Hohman are an amazing couple that utilizes both their strengths to operate and grow a highly successful practice in Clermont Florida.  In their few short years in business, they have gone through a lot of challenges and have successfully worked through them to get to where they are now.  They are recent parents to a beautiful little baby boy.

Jesse Elliott, PT, CEO/Physical Therapist of Siskiyou Physical Therapy in Grants Pass OregonJesse and Katie Elliott, a phenomenal husband and wife team, work side-by-side in their successful practice in Grants Pass Oregon.  They cherish their family.  And they cherish the important things in life such as hunting, fishing, gardening, and horses, so having a practice that doesn’t interfere with the quality of their life is extremely important.

Katie Elliott, Owner of Siskiyou PT in Grants Pass Oregon.  Jesse and Katie Elliott, a phenomenal husband and wife team, work side-by-side in their successful practice in Grants Pass Oregon.  They cherish their family.  And they cherish the important things in life such as hunting, fishing, gardening, and horses, so having a practice that doesn’t interfere with the quality of their life is extremely important.

Luke Mckenzie, PT, Owner/Physical Therapist of Fort Worth Physical Therapy in Fort Worth Texas.  Luke is an amazing owner, therapist and person. He and his co-partner Weldon oversee a multi-million dollar practice together in Fort Worth Texas.

Topics Include:

  • Marketing to physicians, community, active patients and prior patients.
  • Advertising in Facebook, Google, newspapers, radio, tv and more.
  • Cash services and how they can help you grow faster in the new healthcare era.
  • Billing insurances and maximizing reimbursement.
  • Collections made easy for insurances and patients alike.
  • Public relations and the importance of building a reputation in your community.
  • Employee management and how to motivate your staff to take ownership.
  • Human resource tools and strategies using apps, unique policies and procedures.
  • Finances and how to calculate important metrics.

And more.

Conference Agenda


Day 1

8:00am — Noon

*Introductions Included

The Picture of a Perfect Practice in 2014 and beyond

Know what a successful practice looks like in 2014–how much money it makes, profit margins, number of employees, procedures that are in place, types of cash/elective services and more! Knowing is more than half the battle! Easily build a road to it!

Avoiding Common Mistakes made by most private practices.  Such as low profit margins, lack of productivity from employees, no growth, etc.

Advanced Marketing
It’s not what you think.  The “Marketing Matrix” makes it simple!

Creating Ads that Work.  Advertising checklist.
How the INTERNET can help you grow!

How to bring excitement into your practice.
How 2-hours per week can turn into an extra $12,000/mo.

12:00pm — 1:00


Special Surprise

Physician Referrals:  How to make contact with them.  What to say, what to do.  How to offer them help and gain their loyalty and referrals.  This is a game-changer!

Cash Programs/Wellness Svcs/”Super-sizing”
How to tap into the community directly and get them to call or come in immediately!  Cash programs that work.  How “supersizing” can dramatically increase cash flow! How to get patients wanting to pay out-of-pocket.  Tools for instant success!

Software & Tools:  
What’s the best EMR software/application to use?  Which ones NOT to use![/event]

[event time=”5:00 — 5:30″ room=””](Optional) BONUS! Technical Startup Steps:
How to start a practice most affordably and correctly.  How to build a strong foundation for easy future growth.  If time permits.  Video tutorial may be distributed free instead.

6:30 — 10:00

Some alcohol may be involved.

(Optional) Dinner and Social Activity:
Really get to know the other PT/OTs, collaborate, and simply have a lot of fun!  The instructor is also typically in attendance.  Location and activity will be announced at each venue.

*Breaks are offered every 1.5 hours.


Day 2

8:00 — 12:00

“Bring Front Desk Staff”

Activation:  How NOT to lose a prospective new patient.  What to say and what NOT to say

How to Eliminate NS, CX, RS:  Reduce no-shows and get patients wanting to come to you over all others…even those out-of-network.

Advanced Intake:  How to get patients wanting to pay co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurances at the time-of-service.  Intaking a new patient properly.  What forms are required by law.Proprietary forms provided

Receptionist Training:  This could make or break you.
Designing or Re-Designing Your Front Desk System.
Secret to Collecting Money from patients.
Forms that give you legal recourse against insurances.  Signs you must have displayed for maximum success.

12:00 — 1:00

It’s lunch time

1:00 — 4:30

How NOT to Lose a Patient:  More and more patients are discontinuing their care or coming less.  You’ll learn how to avoid letting them “fall through the cracks” and keep them in their program.

Duplication, for Fast Growth!
How to get every patient to bring in another patient!

Maximizing Reimbursement.  Using modifiers to double your revenue.  Billing Secrets.  Coding Secrets. How to offer payment plans and not lose patients.  How to determine financial hardship and how that helps you.

Billing Secrets.  Best Procedures. Collection (insurance) Secrets.

4:30 — 5:30

(Optional) BONUS! Appealing Denials.  Insurance Short-listing.  Secret Provider Rights.  How to audit-proof

(Optional) BONUS! Audit-Proofing your practice!
How to do it.  Secure your billing practices, documentation, and important policies you MUST implement to be safe.  You can’t miss this!

*Breaks are offered every 1.5 hours.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are serious about success, register now!” Hurry, limited seating.

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