Direct Marketing is the future of private practice for all healthcare professionals (all businesses really but we’re the last to jump onboard).

The thought of it scares some clinicians since we’re not interested in that part of business. All we wanna do is treat.

But it’s becoming more and more important for growth let alone survival.

I want to remove the fears and doubts by answering the basic and advanced questions about direct marketing.

Here are the Basic questions that are most often asked but misunderstood:

What is DM?

Whats the best way to get started with DM?

Whens best time to start?

Whats simplest way to get started?

What’s a common mistake I should avoid?

What’s the biggest mistake made in DM?

How much money is required to do DM?

What tools do I need to start DM?

Is there a promotion that works well?


Here are the intermediate questions:

What if I tried but didnt work

What shud i advertise

Best ad channel

I tried fb but disnt work now what?

How to use fb successfully?

Should i do health fairs?

Does google ads work?

Should I advertise in magazines and newspapers?

How do I set a budget for DM, and how much should I spend?

Advanced questions:

What tools do I need to scale my DM (advanced)

Is there a formula that works well?

How do I automate my DM?


What if a new prospect wants to pay by cash

What if ins patient i dont participate with

What if ins i do participate with

What if deductible

What should I say to someone that is interested when they call?


How long does it take to setup a DM campaign?

When can I expect results?

When should I expect a return on my investment?

Who do I go for help?

How can I get help setting up a system that is proven?

Whats a good resource to learning more?