Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Highlights of All ADD-ON Days FREE!!  Special Half-Day Schedule so you can play!


“Marketing for Success”
Nov 4th (Wed)

8:00am to 2:00pm

Registration. Introductions.

Private Practice Secrets & Avoiding Big Mistakes

Advanced Marketing (It’s not what you think)

Advertising (Creating Ads that Work)
Website/Internet Advertising for success!

How to create excitement in your practice.  How to reach the public ethically yet effectively.  How 2-hours per week can  turn into an extra $12,000/mo.

Lunch Together:  More Private Practice Secrets

MD Interaction:  How to make contact  and interact with MD’s effectively. Maximizing MD referrals.

Tapping into Your COMMUNITY:
How to tap into the community directly and build cash programs that work.  How to get patients wanting to pay copays, deductibles, and coinsurances.  Tools for instant success!



“Elective Services, Supersizing, and Secret Promotions”
Nov 5th (Thur) 8am-12pm

Elective Services.  Learn how to offer cash-services that increase your cash flow AND ALSO get you more insurance patients!

“Supersizing”.  The most underutilized secret of them all.
How to nearly double your revenue with current volume of patients!

Secret Promotions.  Learn what the best practices across the country are doing for explosive profits and success!  An IndeFree exclusive, unavailable anywhere else!


“Activation Training for You and Employees”
Nov 6th (Fri) 8-12pm

Activation:  How NOT to lose a prospective new patient.  Setting Conversation Procedures:  for PPO (out-of-network), Cash-pay, WC, and more.  What to say and what NOT to say.  Eliminating New Patient “No-show”s.  Getting patients wanting to pay for services, and NOT complain about co-pays/deductibles. And more!

Employee Training for Increased Sales:  How to create loyal patients that bring in more patients for you, and spend more.  Words to use, words NOT to use, actions that increased perceived value.  Teamwork for more sales.

Advanced Intake:  Intaking a new patient properly.  Designing an ideal front desk system that allows your receptionist to succeed.


“Clinical Excellence”
Nov 7th (Sat) 2-5pm

Introductions, Big Mistakes

Increasing the Patient’s Perceived Value:  You are only as good as the patient THINKS you are.  3 sure-fire ways to ensure high perceived value!  You do not learn this in school.

Exam Secrets:  3 Simple Steps to Faster Exams!

Treatment Planning Secrets:  It’s not what you may think.  This will change the way you treat! 4 steps to fast, easy, and solid treatment plans.

Fast-Acting Techniques:  Spine

Quick 2-minute techniques that bring fast pain relief and results.  Dramatically increases patient’s perceived value and helps to command more pay.

Fast-Acting Techniques:  Shoulder and Knee

Quick 2-minute techniques that bring fast pain relief and results.  Dramatically increases patient’s perceived value and helps to command more pay.

Charting Made Easy:  This proprietary paperwork system will change the way you practice.  Staff Therapist’s love it.  No more headaches and wasted time!


“Automation, Employees and Software”
Nov 8 (Sun) 3-6pm

Introductions, Big Mistakes

Automation is the Key to More Profits and Less Losses!
3 Simple Keys to Achieving It!

It Starts at the Front Desk! Automating Your Brain Center

Automating Daily Operations so You, the Owner, Can Grow Your Company!

The “Employee”:  The Key to Automation.
Automating:  the Employee Recruiting Recruiting Process.  Automating the Training Process.

Performance-Based Pay:  the Secret to Building a Strong Team.

Maximizing Profits:  Daily Productivity and Profit Tracking.


“Advanced Billing, Coding, Collections & Audit-Proofing”
Nov 9 (Mon) 8-12noon

Maximizing Reimbursement.  Using coding strategies and modifiers to increase your reimbursement.

Advanced Billing Secrets.  Coding Secrets.
Medicare Billing Secrets.  Best Procedures. Collection (insurance) Secrets.

Appealing Denials.  Insurance Short-listing.  Secret Provider Rights.

Secret to Collecting Money from patients.  Forms that give you legal recourse against insurances.  Signs you must have displayed for maximum success.

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