Your staff and front desk’s performance will make or break your practice!

Neglecting to train your staff can cause:

  1. Doctor’s to stop referring
  2. Patients to no-show/cancel more
  3. Wasted time and loss in profits

Just the words they use (or don’t use) can hurt your credibility and professionalism.

Your team’s performance will mean the difference between having to go on the “hunt” for new souls every 6-weeks or have an automated new business flow. Their performance will determine whether or not you will enjoy your practice or not. Recent studies reveal that the #1 source of the greatest headaches for business owners is EMPLOYEES. Times are changing, do you want to keep up?


BENEFITS of taking this course:

  1. Never lose another prospective patient again.
  2. Get your entire staff working towards efficiency and productivity.
  3. Enjoy more new patients as you get more family and friends.
  4. Create a better and more cohesive team.
  5. Virtually eliminate “No-shows” and last minute cancellations.
  6. Decrease documentation and other wasted time.

If you want to maximize your teams productivity and take advantage of the FASTEST way to grow your practice, BRING YOUR STAFF to this limited-time only class!

Training staff properly can increase returns by 10 fold, guaranteed!

The TOPICS covered in this course are:

1) Words your staff MUST use when interacting with patients, and words they should NEVER use.

2) How to ACTIVATE prospects that have…

-PPO insurance (out-of-network)

-The Non-insured patient

-The High deductible insurance patient

-Auto injury patient

-HMO (Where you are not contracted. Yes, you want them, too!)

3) Top 3 actions to gain the patient’s loyalty and more referrals.

4) How to “activate” every single person that’s interested in your services or programs.

5) The secret to more productivity.

6) The 3-Step process to eliminate costly no-shows and cancellations.

7) Role-play conversations and real-live demos.

8) How to decrease documentation time and save over $600 per therapist every month!

9) Take home the “Auto Train Your Front Desk & Staff” video training module for easy reference for future training.

Bring your staff!  You won’t find any course like this anywhere, guaranteed!

With our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!