Making Your DM "Machine"


Prep Steps

Download the Checklist:  Prep-Steps List

1. ADD as an "admin" to the following accounts: (this must be done to complete your Machine)

  1. Stripe account
  2. Mailerlite account
  3. Wordpress site (if non-indefree site)

2. Send James your login info for the following accounts by submitting a ticket here.

  1. Acuityscheduling account
  2. Facebook account IF you have difficulty adding James to 1) Ads Manager, 2) your newly created facebook page.
  1. Create page titled "Banner" in your wordpress site.
  2. Upload template:  Banner  (make sure to download using Google Chrome browser)
  3. Personalize banner with your profile pic, logo, and words
  4. Take a screenshot and save in your DM folder. You will use this in all your Machine pages.


  1. Create pages.

2. Download Templates below and "IMPORT" to newly created pages

3. Save


1. Personalize all your new pages and the components to match for your campaign and your practice.

  1. Your Banner
  2. Your Content
  3. Your pic
  4. Family pic
  5. Pets pic
  6. FAQ
  7. Check the countdown timer to make sure it's working correctly. If not, replace it and set.

2. LightBox

  1. Click on button
  2. Go to "Animation & Actions"
  3. Edit Lightbox (opens in new tab). You may have to setup "API Connection" if it's your first time.
  4. Login to Mailerlite
  5. Get API Key
  6. Create Groups "9x3 Leads" and "9x3 Buyers"
  7. Go back to page and add API Key
  8. Finish completing the LightBox setup. Redirect to your "Payment Page" (get from James"


  1. Login to Mailerlite
  2. Go to "Automations"
  3. Create new automation "9x3 Exam"
  4. Connect to "9x3 Leads"
  5. Add a delay of 5min
  6. Add Email 1 (use template $9×3 Leads)       Voucher Graphic
  7. Delay 1 day
  8. Add Email 2 (use second email in template)

Booking Page

1. Login to Acuityscheduling account

  • Set "Availability"
  • Settings
  • Scheduling Limits

2. Appointment Types

  • Create type "$27 Exams"
  • Add Description: use below content.
Learn the root cause of your issue, if it's treatable/reversible, what it will take to fix/improve it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Also learn what mistakes to avoid. No fluff. Just quick answers to your burning questions. Only raving reviews. Everyone loves it. "I wish I would have done this earlier. James is amazing!"

3. Email Settings:

  • Add signature to "Initial" and "Reminders" (personalize the below signature)
Talk to you soon!

James Ko
Physical Trainer
Weight Loss & Chronic Pain Coach
Physical Therapist

(877) 350-3587NaturalPT – 23 Main St., Dallas, TX 75025

4. Grab Embed Code to place onto your Booking page:

  1. Go to "Clients Scheduling Page"
  2. Choose the $27 Exams
  3. "Embed scheduler"
  4. Copy code
  5. Go paste into your Booking page (html box)

Request From James

  1. Quiz for "Choose Page"
  2. Payment Page (need Stripe and Mailerlite access)

Make your request here by submitting a ticket.

1. Add James Ko to your Facebook Ads Account

2. Create a New Facebook Page to use for your DM Machine (and to create your fb ads). Download instructions here.

Add this content to your cover pic description: (personalize first)

Attention Chronic pain sufferers: If you want the fastest, cheapest, and ONLY way to stop shoulder pain on your own (for good) and only spend 8-minutes per day, click below.

---> click here to GET STARTED!

3. Add jamesleeko to your New Facebook Page (takes 1-min)

4. Create Your Fb Ad. Use the templates below to make your ad. Create your graphic at (free)

**Important Step: Have James place your pixel code onto your Payment Page by making the request here via ticket. You must add James Ko to your Ads Manager in order for us to accomplish this for you.

If Facebook UNAPPROVES your ad, just appeal it with the below phrase.

"Im a physical therapist offering a discounted exam for those with back pain looking for an all natural way to find relief. Please approve the ad. Thank you."

You will get an approved response like this:

To get all this done faster, add jamesleeko to your Fb Ads Manager and new Fb page. (You may need to add James as a friend to complete this process).
Great Job! You're Done!

Copyright 2018. James Ko. IndeFree and JointNutraCare.